blower fan from Singapore

Posted in sinnfrei on August 26th, 2010 by serge

I had to replace a blower fan in one of our switches. It is a very old switch, there is no support available. Because of that I had to order it in Singapore. That’s what they’ve shipped, a blower fan in a Tupperware box… Crazy guys *g*

scp/sftp/rsync only jail

Posted in c0de on August 19th, 2010 by serge

a few days ago i was looking for some kind of a possibility to tell a user, that he can only copy files from a specified directory. no login, only copying files from this directory. i was looking for some kind of a jail.

i found a really nice howto for a chroot jail to lock users into their home directories. the funny thing is that the user does not know that he is in a jail. it looks like a usual unix environment. you have also the possibility to allow scp, sftp and/or rsync.